03 October, 2010

First bite of a lamb

My Sister's husband prepared a dish today. An English food actually and first time to eat a boned lamb shoulder.

Lamb is tricky for me. I haven't eat lamb in my whole life only goat meat (chevon or mutton).

Allow me to talk you into enjoying this aromatic meat. I will often hear people say “I like lamb if its cooked right.” This is cooked right and probably should be the first bite of a lamb that a lamb virgin experiences.

Tender, flavorful, and almost like beef tenderloin. I will make these a bit smaller next time and serve them as appetizers for my next meal.


alohagems said...

kagamay ra anang lamb ni mo loy, mas daghan ang sili. ang title unta ani, about sili, joke. lol.

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PinoyTimes.TV said...

hehehe murag wala pako katilaw oh lamb pud.. pero nindot man ang pic kay murag ang lamb mura napud og sili og shape

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ika~~ said...

this is my first visit here..
personally, i admire ur writing.
u're good in english.
btw i'm skeptical about lamb.they're quite smelly :)

Klief said...

hahaha brod kanindot pud anang experience nimo. hehe "Lamb of God" devoured by brod roy. hahaha nice2x..

Diamond R said...

sorry sa lahat ng lamb lovers. di ko kaya ang amoy ng Lamb sa di ko maipaliwanag na dahilan kahit anong gawin mo diyan i hate it period.

Bino said...

meron ding nabibiling lamb chops sa supermarket. masarap sya. parang beef din

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