23 May, 2012

Who are the 'most corrupt' government officials?

I have here a top list of government offices/agencies with the most number of cases filed against them before the Office of the Ombudsman last year.

  • 3,852 cases were filed against Mayors in 2011.
  • 1,128 complaints for Members of the Philippine National Police.
  • 562 cases for members of the Department of Education.
  • 490 cases for The Philippine Information Agency.
  • 416 cases for Bureau of Internal Revenue.
  • 304 cases for the Armed Forces of the Philippines.
  • 177 cases for Bureau of Customs.
  • 155 cases for Department of Environment and Natural Resources.
  • 148 cases for Department of Social Welfare and Development.
  • 98 cases for Department of Justice.
  • 92 cases were filed against personnel of the Department of Finance.
  • 87 cases for Department of Health.
  • 86 cases for Department of Public Works and Highways.
  • 81 cases for Department of Agrarian Reform.
  • 57 cases for Commission on Higher Education.
  • 54 cases for Commission on Elections.
  • 48 cases for National Labor Relations Commission.
  • 47 cases for Bureau of Fire Protection.
  • 45 cases for both National Bureau of Investigation and National Economic Development Authority.

So many filed cases... but "The Office of the Ombudsman did not provide information on the status of the complaints."

Now that the ombudsman has this list of corrupt people and agencies, the better question is: what are they going to do about it, or is there something they can do about it? If not, its useless knowing about it. And this government is as useless as the past ones.

How very interesting! DEPED has the third highest incidence of graft cases filed against its employees and to think that DEPED has the biggest annual budget and has lots of grants and joint ventures with big firms supporting it with donations, scholarship grants, teacher-training sponsorship programs, etc. A veritable milking cow.

LGU's are no. 1? No surprise is there.

All the names of corrupt officials should be listed and posted online publicly, starting from the Sangguniang kabataan (yes they start this early), Barangay officials, etc. up to the top most positions in the Government. This kind of information will make the corruption err, i mean government more transparent.

Well, there goes our tax money, my fellow citizens!


Bennix said...

hahah, bato-bato sa langit...:)

Vivi said...

And this list is just for those cases that were filed... Counting those that were u reported ... Tsk Tsk Tsk.. So disappointing.

Franc Ramon said...

Yeah, corruption has been tolerated for so long and even ridiculed in the past. I hope they start moving on these cases.

Jeanne M-K said...

Excruciatingly annoying. And to think they have the guts to sleep comfortably at night. :/

Lizzie said...

Sad news but not something new. I wish there would be improvement soon.

Steve said...

A lot of hard data here...

pochivki lqto 2012 v cheshme said...

very useful info for me - unfortunately corruption in EU is growing too

baterya said...

as long as there are pork barrels on every project.. they will be greedy with it.. and the quality of the project will suffer..

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