29 December, 2010

My Journey Going to UK

There was a time I went in Davao City when I read the sign board FIL2BRIT Consultancy Services, Study and Earn in UK. I feel very curious, I want to visit that office but that time I am on a bus going back to my province so i just save their contact number.

Finally when I got back to work at the office, I contact the number immediately and I spoke to one of their staff. He said, there will be a British Assessor arrive day after tomorrow and hopefully I could come and be assessed if I am qualified. All I have to do is to bring my CV and a P20,000.00 assessment fee, he said that the assessment fee will back to me if ever I could not pass the assessment and if ever I could pass it would be a commitment to me to continue the process.

The day has come and I was assessed by 3 British men and one of them is Mr. Adrian Park and the owner of FIL2BRIT Davao Branch Mr. Steve Philips. Yes, I passed the assessment and my next step is to pay the remaining balances and my papers are on process that time. To make this short, I received all the papers necessary to apply for a Student Visa and paid the FIL2BRIT in full.

Unfortunately, I was refused twice by the British Embassy in Manila, I almost give up but I didn't because I spend a lot of money and I have also left my job. So I pursue hoping that the embassy will grant me a visa, I pray hard and it was success! Yes, I was granted a visa after all during Ramadhan. I was very happy that moment so I pack my bag and ready to go to the United Kingdom!

So excited because this is my first time abroad and in an international plane Etihad. I had my stop over in Abu Dhabi, UAE for 5 hours and then finally going to Manchester in UK. So excited again when I finally arrived at the airport in UK, because i will meet my sister and his British husband waiting for me outside the airport.

It's nice to see the new environment and a cool breezed of wind. I feel very grateful for I have achieved my goals.

Mr. Steve Philips from FIL2BRIT arrived in UK a week after. And he said I am on his top list to find my workplacement, I am very happy because I could start a work as promised since the time I met him in Davao. Their orientation in the office is always finding a workplacement so they could attract applicants going to UK.

It's my first month in UK that he rung me and said goodbye because he will be back now in the Philippines. It was my saddest moment... he left me here in UK without a workplacement. That's a reason why I spent a lot of money to them because of a workplacement as they have promised.

To my readers please make this a lesson to all of you. Have a thorough investigation on the agency you belong like searching their name in the internet find their previous applicants situation, don't spent money while you are not sure of getting job specially when you are borrowing money with interest. I was just lucky because I have my sister here I could stay longer.


admin said...

dear Roy,
so sad to read your story...
when i'm reading your article and notice on the 2nd paragraph: "a P20,000.00 assessment fee"...i curious there is something wrong..
don't give up Roy...
Let it go, let it God


Reymos said...

I tried to browse your blog posts and it seems that you already settled in the UK now after this sad experience. I do hope that are now in good hands and found a stable job. At least you have a member of the family living in the country, otherwise it will be difficult for you survive. Good luck!

Anonymous said...
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Gramme said...

Guol pud ni nahitabo nimo no, cge lang, padayon sa pag asdang sa kinabuhi!

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