01 December, 2010

It's all good.

We went to the grocery store earlier today because we don't have enough food for a week. We was hit by more heavy snow and freezing temperatures overnight, bringing chaos to roads when you drive a car so we just walk to the store for a couple of hours.

People were walking away from their abandoned cars, it was an unbelievable sight to see. The snow looks so soft and puffy, but it is frozen solid and it is very tricky to walk on because it is slippery and it will break when you least expect.

As we get closer to the store, I saw a lorry hit by a car, the snow and ice may have contributed to the accident but can not be blamed, it may sound a little harsh but i think they were driving too fast for the road conditions.

As long as it's just snowing prettily through the window, see, it's all good.


Diamond R said...

the idea of walking along the road with ice falling just gives me a thrill. It's all good.

Diamond R said...

wow nice photo by the way. Only in UK.

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