13 November, 2010

London bus will be phased out from 2012

London Mayor Boris Johnson has unveiled an all-new London bus. It uses an efficient hybrid drivetrain that makes it the most fuel efficient bus ever to hit the capital.

Built by Wrightbus, the as-yet-nameless double-decker also sees the return of the traditional open rear platform, allowing passengers to jump on and off quickly.

It features two staircases to make embarking and disembarking quicker and the open back can be closed off if necessary.

Passenger comfort has been prioritised, too. The bus has a torque limiter in first gear to allow it to pull away smoothly - so falling over in the aisles should be a thing of the past.

It is packed with modern technology, including an aluminium spaceframe chassis similar in principle to that of the Audi R8 supercar.

The diesel-electric hybrid drivetrain uses a battery-powered motor at the rear to boost power. It also improves economy by making less work for the diesel engine. Noise will be lower than ever.

The battery is charged by a generator linked to the 4.5-litre diesel engine. Hybrid buses are already on the streets of London, but Wrightbus claims that this is the most efficient by some way.

Testing will begin in early 2011 at a closed track, before the bus hits the city's streets later that year. The current London bus will be gradually phased out from 2012 and this version will eventually make up the entire 8,000-strong fleet.


manik_reigun said...

looks posh! good thing they maintained the red double deck look. interesting to see an open back, and how'd they manage fee-evaders. ;p

Bino said...

astig! more ecofriendly

Diamond R said...

Ang ganda naman nito. naiisip ko lang saan nila itatapon ang mga lumang bus nila di kaya isa ang pinas na pag tapunan. Dito sa UAE more on rail transit ang gusto nila. iwas sa abala sa road.Meron ding mga Bus pero halos libre na ang pasahe. some of the busses di ka naman sisingilin pasok ka na lang.Meron lang hulugan ng coins pag sasakay ka.
Yon lang ang maganda dito.

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