24 November, 2010

Immigration is no joke

It is a major decision that involves all aspect of your life. People who are planning to permanently settle in a foreign land must put importance into having all their papers and requirements processed the legal way.

If you are working and living abroad without the proper documents, you are putting your reputation and future at risk. Peace of mind will definitely be elusive when instead of adjusting to your new environment or concentrating on your job, you are playing hide and seek with the authorities.

Many people who are discouraged by the tedious requirements and procedures one has to go through at the embassy. This is the reason why many bravely dare to enter a foreign territory with an illegal status. Even though some people managed to emerge victorious by eventually being granted legal status, aspiring migrants must not look at this a source of inspiration.

In UK, illegal immigration is a serious issue where the rules are strictly implemented. Moreover, if you are an illegal alien, you and your family will be denied many benefits.

For one, finding a decent and good paying a job will be a big burden. You will not be permitted to apply for an insurance. Your child will not be allowed to enroll in school.

People migrate overseas for a purpose, whether for economic, cultural, or educational reasons. Achieving those goals can be likened to a camel passing through the eyes of a needle if you are an illegal alien. Spare yourself of the emotional and physical trauma of illegal migration by going through the legal process.


Diamond R said...

no other way around kundi ang sumunod sa tama. Marami kasing shortcut ang gusto kaya napapariwara.

Bino said...

kaya hindi ideal ang tnt. you need to follow the rules

strawberry Princess said...

on the other note I have a really bad experience on the immigration. I was about to go to HK for a business meeting,(presentation) but then the immigration think that Im going to do other wise. I showed them all the documents but then again still they did not allow me,five minutes before my flight they asked for money I could have gave in if its not too big they are asking for 15k. good lord where will I get that amount of money I am just an ordinary employee.
bottom line is that our company lost the deal and we just spend for hotel, and tickets for nothing.

that was in Clark.

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