30 September, 2010

Finding my way around London

I must admit I have been lost and dazed in London more times than I can remember. I have done it all, from going on a tube heading in the wrong direction, getting off at the wrong stop, jumping on the wrong connection, as well as jumping on buses that were heading the opposite way from the one that I was meant to be going. I have even been lost in tube stations, but that is so embarrassing and I would rather not talk about it!

I never go anywhere without my London Mini A to Z it is an invaluable piece of kit. I always carry a tube map in my wallet, which you can get for free at the tube station. I know my mini A to Z has one on the back page, but I need a magnifying glass to read it properly. I regularly check the London for Transport web site, when I travel long journeys. It is a fantastic and useful site for all travel options in London.

Oyster Card, this is a must for anybody travelling around in London.

I am always leave early because when you are in a rush in this city, there will inevitable be problems with the tubes or traffic jams.


alohagems said...

last paragraph nimo loy i check

Hi I'm ROY said...

y man?

Bino said...

masarap mamasyal sa london kaso ang mahal nga lang kumpara sa mga sa brighton

Diamond R said...

ibang level ang mga pinaguusapan. di ako makarelate naiingit lang.
kung mawawala ako sa london ok lang at least Lost in london.

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