30 September, 2010

London is cool

London is a cool city, this city is an amazing place to live in and that it is the true capital of the world.

For me London is a far more happening, culturally diverse and historic city.

London has been a huge learning curve for me since my arrival month ago! I have faced many obstacles, including the difficulties of having to find a decent place to work, as well as getting use to finding my way around this huge and crazy city. The coolness of London is something that I never truly appreciated untill I started actually living here.

How cool is London, well you will have to read my blog on a regular basis and find out for yourself.

Stay cool and stay tuned into what is happening in London courtesy of my blog, London Is Cool.


Diamond R said...

Pupunta ako sa london for sure yan.Ito ang isa sa mga lugar na gusto ko talagang puntahan kahit magisa lang ako.

kakaiba ang dating ng lugar na ito.

Bino said...

sa london dapat lagi kang may payong kasi madalas ang ulan o ambon. good news lang walang lamok hehehe

Diamond R said...

hindi ng siya cool but freezing. kaya na preserve ang lahat. yon ang advantage ng malamig na lugar compare sa maiinit at binabaha.

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