28 August, 2011

Celebrating Blog Day with Nuffnang

I really love blogging because I find it fun with lots of new friends. I am a blog junkie. I do always visit and read my favorite bloggers, their blogs really inspired me, wouldn't be great if I could share those blogs with everyone?

Nuffnang celebrates Blog Day 2011, time to recommend my favorite blogs from all over the world! Blog Day was created with the belief that bloggers should have one day dedicated to getting to know other bloggers areas of interest and I am proud to participate in celebrating the 6th Blog Day on 31st August 2011!

Here's my 6 Blogs that inspired me most:

1. Diary ni Gracia - I always had some creative spark about her blog. Discovering her life with excellent knowledge in writing is so much fun.

2. The Backpackman - This inspire me on every travel he got in every post and being as an OFW, I love the adventures in life.

3. Damuhan - This is all about the real stories and opinion as being a Filipino. Making every story more interesting to share and read.

4. Scolex Portal - A gaming blog featuring the guides and strategies in online/offline gaming. Updated on gadgets as well as technology and inspire me on SEO techniques.

5. ISP101 - Aside from making this site as an Internet Help and Information Technology Portal, this is of great help on my blogging field.

6. Bennixville - Is a blog dedicated to Technology, Gadget, Blogging, SEO, Practical Computing Tips and Social Media. IT latest new, product reviews and jobs are also posted to help netizens be updated with current issues.

So that's my 6 Blogs that inspired me most after the 3 years of blogging. I hope you enjoyed reading along. I would love to hear from you. Which are your favorite blogs that inspired you most since you started blogging? Did you agree with a lot of my realizations? Let's hear it…


isp101 said...

Wow, tnx for the mention ROY! ROCK ON! =)

Semidoppel said...

Naks...galing naman nila

ayah said...


lol. im not maranao. im tausug. it just happened that I am residing in Iligan atm for study purposes. i did not understand what you said at all. hahah.

Bino said...

thank you roy! appreciated :)

Scolex said...

salamat sa mention kuya Roy!

Anciro said...

salamat kaajo pareng roy..

Anonymous said...

wow uban bitaw dira makainspire jud.. :)

Aj Banda said...

wow, nice list.. lahat yan binibisita ko rin..

as of now, nag-iisip pa ko kung sinu isasama ko sa list ko kasi lagpas 6 yung akin... LOL

alinea said...

nice list :)

Bennix said...

Thanks a lot Roy, it's an honor.More power to your blog and God bless you there...:)

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