30 August, 2010

Starbucks Cebu

I'm not much of a coffee drinker but whenever I saw Starbucks I always think my experience in the Philippines. It was not really my plan to visit Starbucks in Crowned Regency Hotel Cebu.

Luckily even with really little time to go around Cebu before we left for the Conference  I've attended the next day then, my co-participants accompanied me to Starbucks while we left the conference for awhile.

We took some photos for our souvenir but one of the staff approached us that it is not allowed within the store premises. Really? I was thinking, do they not want free publicity of their store?

Among all the Starbucks I have been to in Manila, even here in UK, it is only Starbucks Cebu that told us this. Maybe they are afraid that the store interiors will be copied by other competitors, is that it? Probably! I was a little bit disappointed but that still did not stop me buying from them.

They allowed us though to take a photo outside in front of the store but the guard who took the photo did not include the name/signage of Starbucks on top of the store. My friends here would find that price is ridiculous and unreasonable... (hahaha!)


Diamond R said...

ngayon lang ako nakarinig ng kwentong ganyan.only in Cebu.Mukhang its more on the policy of the hotel nadamay lang ang starbuks at yong iba pa. even hotels di naman ganon. sila lang

isp101 said...

Never heard of it, pambihira, O.A. naman nila, ano'ng ko kopyahin sa kanila, yung logo nila or yung ingredients ng coffee nila? Hehehe! So, far, dito sa manila, ortigas, wala pa akong na experience na ganyan sa mga Starbucks outlet... =)

Marvs said...

That's sad to hear, probably policy ng management, but then again it's of those policies that will leave a bad taste in your mouth.

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