09 August, 2010

I found out something today in Starbucks

Yes Starbucks, (anti smoking ban, pretty much all public places across the country), but you would have to be completely up yourselves or on something whacky to believe in anyway that others smoking has an effect on the quality of your coffee. I’d rather you protected the quality of your coffee by not burning it every morning.

Maybe I should write some of my own signs and put then in every Starbucks.


Dea said...

hurmmm so fresh and make me thirsty...
where u got all that green thing?

Mayet said...

sige nga!!;)

have a great day.

Diamond R said...

ngeh, ang tao talaga concern sa panalasa ng coffee kaya smoking not allowed pero yong pinapatay niya ang kanyang sarili ok lang. Ay ewan.

Bino said...

nagiiba ba ang lasa pag nagyosi tapos nagkape? hehehe

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