21 November, 2011

Buying an Apple device with confidence

Each iOS device packs in so many great features that it can be tough to know which is perfect for you. This guide will help you to buy with confidence.

The iPod touch is the cheapest full-iOS device and boasts many iPhone 4 features at a fraction of the price. It's got the sharp Retina display, fast A4 processor, FaceTime video calling, can record HD video, and connects to Wi-Fi networks. For web browsing, listening to music and shooting video, it's on a par with the iPhone 4.

However, the iPod touch won't connect you direct to a mobile network. This means you can't make a regular calls and can only access the web over Wi-Fi. But once you've bought an iPod touch, there's no contract or regular top-ups to pay for at all. And by using apps such as Skype, you can still make calls over Wifi.

The iPhone 4 is arguably the ultimate mobile. It does everything the iPod touch does, but it has a better rear-facing camera and the Retina display features in-Plane Switching (for improved viewing angles). Yes, there's the antenna issue, but a case solves this. You will be shelling out on a contract or PAYG top-ups for as long as you want to use the phone, though.

Remember that the 8GB iPhone 3GS is still available, and it's a very able performer. It tuns iOS 4 well (and will run iOS 5), but lacks the Retina display and FaceTime calling (since there's no front-camera). The battery life and the rear-facing camera are inferior, too. However, it remains an impressive product.

Then there's the iPad 2. You have the choice of Wi-Fi only or you can pay more for a model including 3G mobile connectivity. Both have a dual-core A5 processor, a 9.7-inch screen, front-and-rear-facing FaceTime cameras and phenomenal battery life.

Not got your iOS device yet, or looking to upgrade? Click here to help you decide.


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galing naman nito gusto ko na ang iphone4


I've been wanting this item every now and then! Hope to have one! have followed you! have a nice day po!

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